Melissa Amarello : cv

Social media and online work

I started the Social Snakes blog in 2010 and have done all the design and written most of the content.

I started a Facebook page for Social Snakes about 3 years ago and today we have nearly 1000 fans.

I have been using Twitter for only a year or so, but am building up our presence there as well.

While I lived and worked at The Nature Conservancy’s Muleshoe Ranch, I also managed a blog and Facebook page for that. I have stopped updating since we left the preserve, but the old content is still up.

This is an article I wrote for the Tucson Herpetological Society newsletter, Sonoran Herpetologist.

Ban rattlesnake gassing in Texas! is one of my favorite recent blog posts, because it involves a little natural history with a call to action to help snakes.

Every month or so I send out an e-newsletter to our mailing list; here is a recent copy.

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